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Amanda Ramirez, REALTOR®

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Amanda Ramirez, an Amarillo native with a passion for real estate, embodies the spirit of her hometown. Fluent in Spanish, Amanda has made it her mission to help people achieve their dreams through the world of real estate. With a genuine dedication to assisting others, she has become a trusted partner in the journey towards home ownership.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Amanda cherishes time spent with her family and beloved dogs. Family holds a special place in her heart, and her commitment to creating meaningful connections extends beyond the confines of the real estate market. Whether it's a weekend workout, a visit to the movies, or a moment of reflection at church, Amanda values a well-rounded life that encompasses both personal and professional fulfillment.
For all your real estate needs, Amanda Ramirez is the name to remember. You can reach her at 806-341-8010. With her expertise, dedication, and bilingual capabilities, Amanda is ready to guide you through the real estate journey and turn your dreams into reality.
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